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Best Psychology Programs in Virginia for 2024: Online & On-Campus

Explore your degree and certificate options from the top psychology programs in Virginia. We’ll show you how you can get started on your career in psychology today.

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Psychology students in Virginia can choose from an impressive selection of degree and certificate programs offered by the state’s many colleges and universities. Programs range from associate to doctorate degrees in all delivery formats (on-campus, online, and hybrid) and a wide range of specialized fields. There are so many that your biggest problem may be choosing one.

This guide introduces you to the top psychology programs in Virginia and provides the information you need to find the best program that meets your academic needs and career goals. Ready to create your future as a successful psychology professional? Keep reading to discover the top psychology programs in Virginia for 2024.

Best Psychology Colleges inVirginia

After surveying the entire field of Virginia schools offering degrees and certificates in psychology, the three highlighted below rose to the top. Selections are based on elements like accreditation, affordability, academic quality, the number of psychology programs offered, and access to student support services. Many schools offer quality psychology programs in Virginia, but these three lead the pack.

George Mason University

George Mason University offers the most comprehensive of all the top psychology programs in Virginia, at least among the state’s public colleges and universities. Included are three bachelor’s degrees, four master’s degrees, and two graduate certificates. George Mason is also home to one of several psychology PhD programs in the state.

Psychology undergrads can choose between the liberal arts-focused Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the math/science-focused Bachelor of Science (BS) programs in psychology. Both can be completed with four years of full-time study. Undergraduate psychology students can also:

  • Earn a Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience in an accelerated time format.
  • Enjoy some of the most affordable tuition rates found in the state with annual full-time tuition of $10,095 for Virginia residents.
  • Choose on-campus or fully online options for both the BA and BS.

Graduate psychology programs include an MA with six concentration options, a Master of Science (MS) in Educational Psychology, a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Applied Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and graduate certificates in Applied Psychology and School Psychology. All psychology graduate programs are campus-based except for the 100% online MPS program.


  • Online
  • OnCampus
  • Part-Time
  • Full-Time

Undergraduate Programs:

  • BA in Psychology
  • BS in Psychology

Graduate Programs:

  • MA in Psychology (College of Education and Human Development)
  • MA in Psychology (College of Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • MS in Educational Psychology
  • Graduate Certificate in Applied Psychology
  • Graduate Certificate in School Psychology
  • PhD in Psychology

Specialization Options:

  • Applied Developmental Psychology (MS)
  • Clinical Psychology (MS)
  • Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience (MS)
  • Human Factors/Applied Cognition (MS)
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology (MS)
  • School Psychology (MS)
  • Applied Developmental Psychology (PhD)
  • Clinical Psychology (PhD)
  • Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience (PhD)
  • Human Factors/Applied Cognition (PhD)
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology (PhD)

Radford University

Radford University is another public university offering a wide variety of exceptionally affordable degree options for psychology students. It offers undergraduate students both BA and BS degrees in psychology. Both BA and BS psychology students:

  • Complete 120 credits of required general education coursework and major-specific core courses and electives, typically over four years of full-time study.
  • Have access to many Department of Psychology activities and events as well as an internship option in their particular field of interest.
  • Pay no tuition as part of the Radford Tuition Promise program if they are Virginia residents and first-year freshmen or transfer students who meet certain income and other eligibility requirements.

Graduate students have several specialized fields to choose from at Radford, including clinical and counseling psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, and school psychology.

Radford also offers an MA in Experimental Psychology that combines core principles in psychology with advanced training in data analysis and research methodologies. On the doctoral level, Radford offers a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) program focused on rural health and emphasizing cultural diversity, social justice, and evidence-based practice.

All psychology degree programs at Radford are in-person on the university’s campus located approximately 50 miles west of Roanoke.


  • OnCampus
  • Part-Time
  • Full-Time

Undergraduate Programs:

Graduate Programs:

  • MA/MS in Psychology
  • EdS in School Psychology
  • PsyD in Counseling Psychology

Specialization Options:

  • Clinical-Counseling Psychology (MA)
  • Experimental Psychology (MA)
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology (MA)
  • Clinical-Counseling Psychology (MS)
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology (MS)

Virginia State University

The Department of Psychology at Virginia State University, a public HBCU, hosts master’s and doctoral psychology programs as well as a BS in Psychology. Its undergraduate psychology BS:

  • Offers a general psychology curriculum that provides a fundamental understanding of all areas of psychology in preparation for careers in a wide range of vocations and continuation to specialized psychology academics at the graduate level.
  • Is a 120-credit, campus-based program requiring four years of full-time study.
  • Costs about $9,200 (tuition and fees) for Virginia residents and $21,000 for out-of-state residents, making it one of the most affordable psychology bachelor’s in the state.

VSU’s Master of Science in Psychology is a two-year full-time program that features two specialization options. Clinical psychology is for students intending careers in counseling and personal services. General psychology is for students interested in careers in research or teaching on the community college level as well as those intending to obtain a doctoral degree. VSU’s PhD in Health Psychology has concentrations in Clinical Health and Behavioral and Community Health Sciences. Both the MS and PhD programs are campus-based.


  • OnCampus
  • Full-Time

Undergraduate Programs:

  • BS in Psychology

Graduate Programs:

  • MS in Psychology
  • PhD in Health Psychology

Specialization Options:

  • Clinical Psychology (MS)
  • General Psychology (MS)
  • Behavior and Community Health Sciences (PhD)
  • Clinical Health (PhD)

Top Online Psychology Degree Programs in Virginia

Over two dozen colleges and universities offer psychology degree and certificate programs in Virginia. Most are strictly campus-based, but there are a few notable exceptions. In addition to these, which are spotlighted below, you’ll also find schools offering some online program options. Psychology online programs in Virginia may be fully or partially online and may include classes that are delivered synchronously or asynchronously, so it’s critical to have a clear understanding of how coursework is delivered before enrolling. These spotlighted schools give a good idea of how online psychology programs in Virginia work. They also offer a preview of STEPS’ full online program rankings coming soon.

Liberty University

Liberty University, a private, evangelical Christian institution, offers a substantial number of degree programs both on its campus and through its Liberty Online division. Its extensive online offerings include an array of undergraduate and graduate psychology degrees plus one graduate certificate with 100% online coursework. Specialized study is a key feature for Liberty Online students. For undergrads, this means both an associate of arts (AA) degree with two specializations and a BS in Psychology with eight concentration options. For the BS degree:

  • All psychology concentrations require 120 credits and take three and a half years of full-time study.
  • Current per-credit online tuition rates are $390 for full-time students and $455 for part-time.
  • There are many scholarships, grants, tuition assistance plans, and more to help defray costs.

Graduate-level options include an MA in Applied Psychology available in four specializations and a PhD in Psychology with six specializations. Graduate students can also opt for an Executive Certificate in Psychology that prepares current psychology professionals for transitioning into research and leadership roles.

Undergraduate Programs:

  • AA in Psychology
  • BS in Psychology

Graduate Programs:

  • MA in Applied Psychology
  • PhD in Psychology
  • Executive Certificate in Psychology

Program Options:

  • Part-Time
  • Full-Time
  • FullyOnline

Specializations Offered:

  • Christian Counseling (AA)
  • General Psychology (AA)
  • Addictions and Recovery (BS)
  • Christian Counseling (BS)
  • Criminal Psychology (BS)
  • Crisis Counseling (BS)
  • General Psychology (BS)
  • Developmental Psychology (BS)
  • Life Coaching (BS)
  • Military Resilience (BS)
  • Developmental Psychology (MA)
  • General Psychology (MA)
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology (MA)
  • Public Mental Health (MA)
  • Behavioral Health Leadership (PhD)
  • Developmental Psychology (PhD)
  • General Psychology (PhD)
  • Industrial/Organizational Psychology (PhD)
  • Social Psychology (PhD)
  • Theology (PhD)

Mary Baldwin University

Mary Baldwin University is a private university that, despite its small student population, offers a surprising number of fully online degree and certificate programs. These include several psychology degrees, including two psychology bachelor’s degrees. Both the BA and BS in psychology:

  • Include five specialized areas of emphasis.
  • Require 120 credits completed with four years of full-time study.
  • Cost $460/credit and have several in-house scholarships and other financial award opportunities.
  • Allow up to 18 transfer credits via direct course equivalents earned from schools in the Virginia Community College System.

Other online undergraduate options in psychology-related fields include a BA in Autism Studies and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and two certificates. The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Psychology prepares students with non-psychology bachelor’s degrees to pursue psychology master’s or doctorate programs. The Post-Bachelor’s Certificate in Applied Behavioral Analysis is for students with bachelor’s degrees seeking undergraduate-level ABA credentials. For psychology students interested in graduate study in the field of applied behavioral analysis, Mary Baldwin offers both ABA master’s degree and post-master’s certificate options.

Undergraduate Programs:

  • BA in Autism Studies & Applied Behavior Analysis
  • BA/BS in Psychology
  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Psychology
  • Post-Bachelor’s Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

Graduate Programs:

  • MS in Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • Post-Master’s Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis

Program Options:

  • Full-Time
  • FullyOnline