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50 Fundamental Resources for Public Service Students & Professionals

Public service professionals provide important assistance to a community, and as a result, they need specialized knowledge and training. This guide is designed to help public service students reach their goals when pursuing these unique fields. Continue reading to learn about college resources you’ll access during your study — from career assistance to tech support and beyond.

Author: Kathleen Curtis
Editor: STEPS Staff

Community Improvement & Safety

As a current or hopeful public service professional, you have a deep desire to help your community meet its maximum potential. Whether you’re joining the police academy to ensure the safety of your neighbors or studying diligently at the local community college to help families as a licensed social worker, every step you take towards your career in public service is making your community a better place. As you continue your hard work towards your public service aspirations, having a few key resources in your back pocket can make all the difference. From helping to spread equality and getting others back on their feet to promoting safety and preparing for the unexpected, the resources below can help you on your journey to community improvement and safety.

Achieving Digital Equality for Students

From understanding the barriers that students face when accessing online learning to finding solutions that make education possible for all, learn what can be done to bridge the digital divide, and gather resources for creating digital equality for all.

The Anti-Bullying Guidebook

Our extensive guide can help you recognize, prevent, and stop bullying taking place in your community. It provides definitions, signs and symptoms, strategies, and resources.

Beating Stress as an Online College Student

Regardless of the school or the major, the bulk of college students deal with stress at some point or another, and online students are no different. Learn the strategies and gather the resources you need to succeed as an online learner.

Disaster Planning & Emergency Preparedness for Students

Discover how students can properly prepare for a natural disaster or other emergencies by developing their own disaster preparedness plan, learn why they should care about being prepared, and gather resources that can help the planning.

First-Time Voter’s Guide

Learn how to navigate the voting process from researching candidates and registering to finding your polling place and casting your first ever ballot.

Grant Writing Guide for Public Service

Whether you want to fund a community improvement program or finance a social impact project, learn how you can align social with financial backing through skilled grant writing.

How to Get Hired or Go to College After Incarceration

Learn which programs are available for formerly incarcerated individuals and find resources and expert advice for rejoining your community, advancing your education, and finding employment.

Maximizing Your Mental Health as an Online Student

Anxiety, stress, and other mental and emotional challenges can begin to come to the surface during your time as an online student. Learn what you can do to keep your mind healthy with valuable resources and expert insight on succeeding without letting stress get the best of you.

Mental Health & Wellness Guide for Public Service Professionals

Learn how people in helping careers can practice self-care, get the help they need to maintain or reach mental health, and come to terms with the extreme mental, emotional, and physical demands of their jobs in public service.

Must-Have Mental Health Resources & Support for College Students

Although public service might mean helping others, without good mental health, that can prove to be difficult. Learn how to recognize the signs of mental illness and get tips and resources for keeping your mind healthy while you finish college.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint for the Greater Good

Whether you want to jumpstart large scale community initiatives or participate in small scale changes in your neighborhood, learn about the social impact of your carbon footprint and find the steps needed to reduce its size.

Responsible Charitable Giving

Learn about the different philosophies and ethics of charitable giving and gather tips for spotting suspicious organizations and avoiding fraud.

Student Guide to Online Activism

Learn how you can throw your drive and dedication behind a cause that matters to you from the comfort of your own home by advocating, campaigning, and engaging as a digital activist.

Education & Academics

With so many degrees available devoted to starting or advancing a public service career now in existence, it’s important to take the time to find the school and program that speaks to your academic abilities, educational interests, financial needs, and future career goals. Whether you plan to study online or in-person, there are many resources out there to help you make an informed and confident choice when it comes to your education. Finding accredited programs designed to properly prepare you for a career in the public sector doesn’t have to be a struggle and these resources can aid you in choosing a program that equips you with all the requirements to seek licensure, compete against other job applicants, and find success in your chosen field.

Online Colleges with Open Admission Policies

Find online schools with open enrollment requirements that give students with limited resources or below-average GPAs an even playing field to get a college degree.

Fail Forward: The College Student’s Bounce Back Guide

Failing in college doesn’t stop you from being successful. Learn how to be resilient and redeem yourself. Our guide will give you the steps to recover and succeed after failure.

100 Awesome Online Discounts for College Students

When it comes to college, saving money could very well be one of your biggest priorities. Discover how to keep your financial health in shape with cost-cutting college discounts for everything from laptops to entertainment, travel, and more.

CLEP Exams & You: How to Test Out and Get Ahead

Learn how you can get ahead in college and save time and money through CLEP exams. From understanding the process to exploring the exams and developing your study plan, this guide can help you spend more time on the subjects you really care about.

Getting Credit Before College

It’s never been more convenient to earn college credit. Learn the different ways you can start earning credit now and take away expert advice and resources on earning credit early so you can get a head start in your career.

Getting to Know Hybrid Classes in College

From offering increased flexibility to ensuring student engagement with in-person participation, hybrid classes are becoming so popular for a good reason. Find out what else blended learning models have to offer, discovers the advantages of choosing hybrid, and get expert advice on succeeding in these courses.

Graduate Programs with No GRE Requirement

There’s a lot to think about when considering graduate school and the GRE can be a big hurdle for some. Luckily, grad school doesn’t necessarily mean taking the GRE. Learn about online and in-person grad programs with no GRE requirement and discover the qualifications for GRE waivers.

Green Degrees & Environmentally Conscious Careers

Earning a green degree is a great launching point for a variety of different careers in sustainability. Our guide offers a comprehensive look at today’s available green degrees and the sustainable careers they lead to.

How to Stay Engaged with Your College as an Online Student

Staying engaged with your college can be one of the most important factors in determining how well you do. This can be especially true for online students. Discover what you can do to remain engaged with your school while learning from home and find out what the experts have to say about student engagement for digital learners.

Overcoming the Challenges of Online Learning During COVID-19

With the sudden shift to the digital classroom, it’s understandable that there have been challenges for us all. Discover valuable solutions that can help make the transitions easy whether you’re a K-12 student or a student in college.

Social Work Licensure by State

Find out how each state’s social work licensure requirements differ and get the information you need to become licensed in your state.

Student Guide to Online Learning Success

Learn what students and their parents can do to make the switch from the classroom to remote learning easier and take away tips and tools to make the transition smooth.

Test Taking for Online College Students

Although you may be used to taking exams in person, taking tests as an online student can be a completely different experience. Learn how tests are administered in the online classroom, get tips for passing different types of online exams, and hear from an expert with insider information.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Tutor

No matter the reason behind your academic struggles, finding the right tutor can be instrumental in improving and succeeding in school. Learn which qualities to look for and follow a few simple steps to find the perfect tutor for you.

Top Degrees for a Career in Politics

If you have a passion for politics, there are several degree options that can land you at the forefront of our political processes. Learn which degrees are well-suited for a political career and find the one that aligns with your interests and career aspirations.

Top Degrees for a Career in Social Justice

Are you passionate about fighting for equality for all? Learn how having the right degree can set you up with knowledge and skills to make a positive impact and find out which degrees align with your future ambitions.

Top HBCUs for Online School

Discover the value of a Historically Black College or University (HBCU), find out which HBCUs are leading the way in online education, and find the school that fits your needs.

Top 8 Majors for Future Law Students

Learn which undergraduate degrees are most suited for getting into law school and find out which one aligns best with your careers goals.

ESL/ELL Resources for Students, Parents, & Teachers

English is a challenging language for non-native speakers. Explore 100+ resources that can make the learning process easier, from educational games and apps to lesson plans for teachers.

Special Interest Students & Professionals

Aside from general organizations and commissions that support public service students and professionals at large, many special interest groups work to propel individuals from all walks of life into meaningful careers in the public sector. Whether you identify as a person of color, an LGBTQIA+ member, a person with a disability, or as part of any other minority group, resources exist to support you along the way.

Helping College Students Kick Substance Abuse

There are a lot of firsts that come along with starting college and for some students that can include drugs and alcohol. Learn how to recognize when experimentation turns to abuse and gather the resources needed to find support and get help.

Online College Resources & Support for Foster Youth

If you grew up in foster care and are looking for help with college tuition, housing and more, these resources are a great place to start.

Online Guide for First Generation College Students

There are lots of things to figure out for first-generation college students. From admissions applications to financial aid and scholarships, this guide provides first-gen students with the resources they need to start their college journey.

Online Resources & Support for Low Income College Students

College is a big investment for anyone, but for low-income students, the cost can be even harder to cover. Learn which resources are available for low-income college students and get the support you need to tackle tuition.

Resources & Scholarships for Homeless Students

Discover why college students are experiencing home insecurity, learn what schools are doing to make a difference, and find resources and scholarships for those who need help.

Resources & Support for Students with Challenges at Home

From divorce to poverty and even violence, sometimes students are dealing with a lot when they leave school to go home. Learn how you can spot a student who might be struggling and find out how to offer support.

Support & Resources for Students with Autism

Students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) face a number of unique challenges when beginning school and transitioning to college. This guide provides academic resources, social support, and expert tips for school success.

Support & Solutions for Children of Military Personnel

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or administrator, learn about the challenges that children of military personnel face when it comes to education and discover solutions and valuable resources to help ease transitions.

Support Systems for Students Affected by Trauma

With more than two-thirds of students experiencing some form of trauma by age 16, it’s key that kids have the find tools to healthily cope. Learn how schools, parents, and communities are helping kids with trauma and find out how you can help too.

Surviving Social Work Burnout

Social workers offer immense compassion to individuals and their families and just like any helping career, these professionals are at risk of developing burnout. Learn what you can do recognize the signs and symptoms of burnout in yourself and others and get actionable advice for staying healthy while on the job.

Teaching with a Chronic Illness

Learn how to handle the challenges that come along with having a chronic illness, find out about your rights protected under the law, and understand who you should tell about your condition so you can teach at your best.

Top Majors for ROTC Students

If you were passionate about the ROTC in high school, chances are you’ll want to continue participating in college. Find the top majors for ROTC students and learn how each major can benefit your military career after college.

Women in Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement

Whether you’ve always wanted to work in law enforcement or you’re considering it for the first time, learn about the impact of women in policing, understand the positive outcomes of increased diversity, and take away expert advice on getting started and breaking the brass ceiling.

Resources for Students with Disabilities

No disability should be a barrier to higher education. Today’s college students have dozens of resources and support groups available if they need them. Learn about these and more with our new expert-driven guide.