Scholarships and Resources for Jewish Students

From academic resources and Jewish advocacy to financial aid and public service scholarships, get the help you need to pay for college, find success in the classroom, and turn your degree into a rewarding career.

When it comes to college, students need a hand once in a while. It could be something as big as an academic scholarship or as small as an introduction to the right mentor. Resources and scholarships can make a huge difference, and the great news is, they are available to students of all genders, races, and nationalities. Yet for this guide, we’re focusing on Jewish students. It’s important to make sure that all communities have equal access to numerous types of college aid to maximize both diversity and representation. Here are over 25 scholarships and resources for postsecondary students who identify as Jewish.

Scholarships & Grants for Jewish Students

Scholarship opportunities for Jewish students tend to reflect the values of service to others, community and leadership, and academic excellence that are so central to the Jewish faith and culture. Local chapters of national organizations, such as the National Council of Jewish Women, may sponsor scholarships in addition to those specifically listed below.

General Scholarships & Grants


Dallas Jewish Community Foundation and Southwest Community Foundation


$500 - $5,400


2/1/2020 (annual)


DJCF and SCF have over 50 college scholarships each year based on financial need, academic excellence, activities, and service for high school seniors through graduate students. Specific scholarships may have Dallas, Denton, or Collin county residency requirements.

How to Apply

All scholarship opportunities through DJCF and SCF use a single application form. School transcripts, FAFSA or TAFSA forms, and standardized test scores such as SAT, ACT, or LSAT must be included.


The Diller Family Foundation




1/8/2020 (annual award)


These highly selective awards given to volunteers in a leadership role of a project “aimed at repairing the world.” Applicants must be between 13 and 19 years old and self-identify as Jewish.

How to Apply

Interested teens may submit an online application. Alternatively, teens may be nominated by an adult or peer.

Scholarships & Grants in Public Service


American Criminal Justice Association






Members of ACJA/LAE can apply. Education requirements vary based on academic level. Applicants must be currently enrolled in a criminal justice program with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

How to Apply

Applications must be completed and mailed to the Scholarship Committee Chair. Applications must include transcripts and a personal statement.


Bright Horizons






Full and part-time students at an accredited college or university and high school seniors who have completed at least one early childhood class are eligible. GPA of 2.5 or higher and a teacher recommendation are required. At least 9 months of experience working with children age six and under is preferred.

How to Apply

The online application includes transcripts, working experience, career goals, and a personal essay.

Student and Career Resources for Jewish Students 

Jewish students will find resources to help them at every stage of their higher education. Jewish campus organizations offer scholarship and grant resources in addition to social and networking opportunities. Career and advocacy groups provide Jewish students with volunteer and community service programs, pathways to employment, and professional development and support.

Financial Aid

Federal Student AidA great place to start when you are considering your options for paying for college is the government’s federal student aid site. It lays out all your financial aid options and the differences between them. It is also where you can find the FAFSA form that will be required by schools, as well as certain grants and scholarships.

Jewish Free LoansLocal chapters of the Jewish Free Loan society offer interest-free student loans. Loans are available for vocational training, undergraduate, and graduate education. Requirements may vary by chapter.

Jewish ScholarshipsHillel International’s Jewish Scholarships Portal has links to thousands of Jewish scholarship programs.

Public Service Loan ForgivenessWorking in public service can make you eligible for federal student loan forgiveness. To qualify, you must work for a government or non-profit organization, a 501(c)3. AmeriCorps and Peace Corps volunteers are eligible as well. Just be aware that not all FFEL and Perkins loans qualify for forgiveness. Private loans also do not qualify for forgiveness.

U.S. Department of Labor Scholarship FinderScholarship Finder allows you to search through over 8,000 scholarships using keywords and filters. Scholarships, fellowships, grants, and other financial aid awards are included. Some scholarships are specifically targeted to students’ interests or fields of study, including scholarships for public service degrees.

Professional Development and Networking

Alpha Epsilon PhiAEPhi is a national Jewish sorority committed to community service and philanthropy. AEPhi awards scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students. These include the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Scholarship for second year law students and the Dana Parkans Katz Scholarship for education or math majors. AEPhi also offers networking and volunteer opportunities.

Alpha Epsilon PiAEPi is a largest Jewish fraternity with chapters on over 175 campuses. As a social organization, AEPi espouses the values of brotherhood, social awareness, Tzedakah, and support for Jewish communities including Israel. AEPi also provides scholarships and networking opportunities to members.

Chabad on CampusChabad Houses offer weekly Shabbat dinners as well as trips and programs for Jewish students. Described as a “family on campus,” Chabad Houses can ease the transition to college for Jewish students. Chabad Houses can be found on campuses across the country.

Hillel InternationalHillel is the largest and most well-known campus organization for Jewish students with a presence on more than 550 campuses. Hillel’s strong commitment to social justice connects Jewish students with opportunities for service. Programs like Alternative Spring Break truly give Jewish students the chance to change the world through service and social justice projects in 40 countries.

Jewish Graduate Student NetworkThe Grad Network is based in Philadelphia and supports and connects student-led campus groups including the Drexel University Jewish Law Student Association, Temple University Medical Jewish Student Union, and Penn Nursing Jewish Student Association.

Advocacy Groups

JCC Association of North AmericaJCC, or Jewish Community Centers, support all aspects of Jewish community life. JCCs employ 25,000 professionals in their centers and camps serving two million people around the country.

Jewish Center for JusticeJCJ is a social justice, education, and leadership organization. JCJ activists advocate for a variety of social justice issues including economic justice, the environment, LGBTQ rights, and women’s rights. Campus-based college cohorts offer college activists with support and networking opportunities.

Jewish Labor CommitteeKnown as the Jewish voice in the labor movement and the voice of the labor movement in the Jewish community, JLC is a national advocacy organization with local impact. They work on behalf of public service workers like those in health care and education.

JPRO NetworkJPro Network supports Jewish professionals in their career growth and professional development. Its mission is to “connect, educate, inspire and empower” with professional development and networking resources.

MeorFound on prominent college campuses throughout the United States, Meor is a Jewish mentorship and engagement organization. It promotes Jewish leadership, identity, and values. It continues to support graduates as they grow into young professionals.

Public Service Education

Equal Justice WorksMost law schools host a campus group for Equal Justice Works, an organization supporting public interest lawyers and law students. They have resources on how to manage student debt, finding public interest fellowships, community service projects, and career and networking opportunities.

International Association of Fire FightersIAFF is a labor union representing over 320,00 firefighters and paramedics. They offer training and support resources to their members.

National Conference of Shomrim SocietiesShomrim Societies connect and support Jewish men and women in public service. Local Shomrim Society chapters sponsor scholarships and provide resources and support for Jewish law enforcement officers and others on the front lines of public service.

Network of Jewish Human Service AgenciesWith more than 140 member organizations, NJHSA is a leading voice in Jewish human service sector. They support Jewish human service agencies through advocacy and innovation, supporting best practices and facilitating collaborations that improve communities.

NEA’s Aspiring EducatorsWith groups on 1,100 campuses across the country, the National Education Association’s Aspiring Educators program supports students interested in teaching. In addition to grants, scholarships, and awards, the Aspiring Educators program offers resources for student teachers and micro-credentials in over 120 areas.