Kathleen Curtis

Kathleen Curtis

MA Modern History, University of York

Kathleen Curtis is an American writer currently living in Louisville, Kentucky. She has developed content around education for more than a decade for both domestic and international clients.

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How to Vote: 7 Simple Steps for Ballot Beginners

With the 2024 election right around the corner, millions of newly eligible voters across the country are preparing to cast their ballot for the very first time. However, a Harvard report states that young Americans are less likely to vote in 2024 than they did in 2020 in the U.S., making it more important than ever that they turn up on Election Day. Additionally, first-time voters are the group least likely to register to vote and to cast their ballot come election time.

Online Colleges with Open Admission Policies

Online schools with open enrollment requirements give students with limited resources or below-average GPAs an even playing field to obtain a college degree. Learn how the process works, and see which online colleges with open admissions have the best combinations of flexibility, affordability, and accreditation standards. 

Most Affordable Online MSW Programs

Discover budget-friendly online master’s degrees in social work that fit your busy schedule and don’t skimp on quality.

Most Affordable Online Master’s in Education Degrees

Earning your online master’s in education is cheaper than you think. Get started with this list of most affordable programs from top accredited universities. Review costs, potential salaries, funding availability, and more.
Top Majors for ROTC Students

Cadets in College: Top Majors for ROTC Students 

If you have an interest in the military, you probably know about the ROTC. The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) has been helping high school and college students explore the U.S. military since 1916. With over one million cadets passing through the program since its creation, it’s safe to say the ROTC can be hugely beneficial to students who have an interest in serving their country. And with more than 1,700 colleges offering ROTC programs, there’s no shortage of options available