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Teacher’s Guide to Online School Success

From recording your lectures to crafting modules to maximizing retention, there’s a lot to think about when moving your teaching online. Learn the key do’s and don’ts and get critical insight from seasoned educators in the online learning space.

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Dr. Angela Velez-Solic
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You were an early adopter of online learning, creating and uploading multimedia lessons for your students years ago. Or maybe you’re brand new to online school and COVID-19 has forced your hand just recently. Whichever sounds like you, teaching remotely is the new normal, and you need to nail it.

But online learning comes with a number of unique challenges. Not only do teachers need to change their approach to instruction, but they need to make sure their students have access to the necessary tools. They need to communicate well and coordinate frequently with parents and fellow teachers. They need to grow their skillsets make sure their students engage.

The following guide is meant to help today’s educators get started with online teaching, or find new and innovative ways to improve their current online lessons. Find do’s and don’ts, resources, ideas, tutorials, and insight from digital learning experts.