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Best Education & Teaching Programs in Florida for 2024: Online & On-Campus

For future teachers in Florida, finding the right school is the key to success. Read on to learn about the best education programs in Florida.

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Teaching in Florida is unlike anywhere in the country. Where else can you enjoy a glass of fresh orange juice before class, teach by the beach or in the shadow of the Disney parks, or teach surrounded by the wildlife of the Everglades? If that sounds appealing, then you may be a future Florida teacher.

As an aspiring educator in the Sunshine State, you’ll need to choose the program that’s the best fit for you to get the bachelor’s degree you’ll need. Florida offers education degrees at colleges and universities large and small, public and private, online and on-campus. Let’s have a look at some of the best education programs in Florida.

Best Colleges to Earn a Teaching Credential in Florida: Campus-Based

For those who want a traditional, campus-based degree, here are some of the top education programs in Florida. While everyone’s definition of “best” will be different, we’ve chosen to highlight these programs in advance of our full 2024 ratings based on academic prestige, course offerings, student support and availability of resources, financial aid and funding opportunities, and more. Have a look and see if one of them might be the school for you.

University of Florida

The flagship institution of Florida’s public university system, the University of Florida offers teaching and education programs through the College of Education. Students choose among a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, with specializations in early childhood, elementary, ESOL, special education, and more. The University of Florida also offers graduate certificates for students who want to go in-depth on a topic such as computer science education, disabilities in society, dyslexia, and teacher leadership.

As a public university, the University of Florida is partially funded by the state and offers in-state tuition for Florida residents. Even if you aren’t a Florida resident, you may still qualify for financial aid, based on either need or merit, so be sure to apply.


  • Online
  • On-Campus
  • Part-Time
  • Full-Time

Undergraduate Programs:

  • BA Education Sciences
  • BAE Early Childhood Education
  • BAE Elementary Education

Graduate Programs:

  • Master’s in Early Childhood Education
  • Master’s in Student Personnel in Higher Education
  • Master’s/Doctorate in Bilingual/ESOL Education
  • Master’s/Doctorate in Computer Science Education
  • Master’s/Doctorate in Counselor Education
  • Master’s/Doctorate in Education Administration and Policy
  • Master’s/Doctorate in Educational Technology
  • Master’s/Doctorate in English Education
  • Master’s/Doctorate in Mathematics Education
  • Master’s/Doctorate in Reading and Literacy Education
  • Master’s/Doctorate in Research and Evaluation Methodology
  • Master’s/Doctorate in Science Education
  • Master’s/Doctorate in Social Studies Education
  • Master’s/Doctorate in Special Education
  • Master’s/Doctorate in Teacher Leadership for School Improvement
  • Master’s/Doctorate in Teachers, Schools, and Society
  • Doctorate in Higher Education Administration
  • Doctorate in School Psychology

Specialization Options:

  • Bilingual/ESOL Education
  • Computer Science Education
  • Counselor Education
  • English Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Education Administration and Policy
  • Educational Technology
  • English
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Mathematics Education
  • Reading and Literacy Education
  • Research and Evaluation Methodology
  • School Psychology
  • Science Education
  • Social Studies Education
  • Special Education
  • Student Personnel in Higher Education
  • Teacher Leadership for School Improvement
  • Teachers, Schools, and Society

University of Miami